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The traditional 9 to 5 work shift has its critics, but most people still choose to work the 1st shift. They often choose it because it is what everyone around them does. Although the 1st shift obviously has a few benefits.

For example, it is the best shift for people who love to socialize as they work. The first shift is also relatively safe when compared to the 2nd shift or the 3rd.

But not everyone likes the monotony of the first shift, and fortunately, there’s a way out of this monotony. One can choose to do shift work. Shift…

A buyer meets a seller in the marketplace. Our buyer needs the product our seller has to offer. So, we have both supply and demand. But wait, the buyer and seller could not agree on a price. The buyer walked away, leaving the seller wondering about his pricing strategy. This example is essential for understanding the market clearing price. It tells us how price can influence the balance between demand and supply.

Price is the money consumers pay for a product or service. But it doesn’t always have to be money that a consumer pays. Like bartering system is an…

The purpose of marketing is to attract an audience to your brand. That’s why marketing is a vital part of your business strategy. And a good marketing plan is a must for your business to succeed. But how can you create a good marketing plan? Well, that’s where the 5 Ps of marketing come in.

You probably heard in your academic life about the 4ps of marketing from the legendary Philip Kotler. But there is an important piece missing in his theory that makes total sense to add, people. And that’s where the fifth “P” comes in place.

Your business…

What is a good career path? If you’re thinking about new places to live or new industries to work, and then you move to states like Texas, New Mexico, or even California and get surprised with a good offer from a traditional industry such as oil and gas, you might be asking yourself, is oil & gas production a good career path? Especially in times of renewable energy.

Each of us might have a different answer to this. Some of us will look for the best paychecks. Others might base their decision on the working conditions. Other on the environment.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking platform today. We all know how useful it can be for job seekers and recruiters. Job seekers can find and manage their jobs, network with other people with the same interests, and much more. LinkedIn is active in more than 200 countries today. And it boasts a whopping 756 million members. LinkedIn Learning is also one of the things that make it such a good platform. In a previous article, you saw how to cancel your LinkedIn premium account easily. In this article, we will discuss how to cancel LinkedIn learning.

Go Straight to the Cancelation Process

If you want…

What’s an Externship?

When we finish our studies, we start looking for an internship. Internships are an excellent way for a fresher to ease into an industry. It gives you a trial run before you take up a full-time job. Internships also help you build your resume. But what is an externship? Is it like an internship?

In this article, we will talk about externships. But, like internships, an externship can also be beneficial for your career. It can give you the exposure you need before you start working full-time. And some even prefer them over internships.

Externships can be done during a…

Why are people asking brands to be silent?

Social media is a wonder of our times. It is a space where people can express themselves freely. But it can also be harsh at times. Ask any celebrity who was on the wrong end of a Twitter backlash. Or ask brands that got countless silence brand memes in the comment section.

We will talk about the meme in detail. For now, let’s stick to the mixed bag that is social media. It can do wonders for entrepreneurs and artists. But it can also force the biggest brands in the world to issue lengthy apologies. …

Are you targeting a wide set of market segments?

What does your business need to succeed? Yes, having a groundbreaking idea is important. Recruiting the best talent is also essential. Knowing unique ways to advertise your brand is also a necessity today. But are we missing out on something? Yes, you must determine your target market. This is where every company needs to make a choice. Will they go with differentiated marketing? Will they opt for undifferentiated marketing?

Every company understands who they want to sell to. When you set up your business, you target a specific type of customer. …

A leader sets the vision for their people.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. — Warren Bennis

Every collective requires a leader to succeed. It can be a soccer team or a group of students working together on a project. Leadership holds team members together and works as motivation. The same goes for business as well. And that’s why a leadership vacuum in your company can be a worry.

A leadership vacuum affects your entire workforce. The key is to identify it as quickly as possible and work on filling it.

But what exactly is a leadership vacuum? And how will you know if there’s…

Do you feel demotivated?

You know how important getting that job is for you. But you are yet to make changes to your resume. Worse still, you haven’t even applied online. So what is stopping you from making efforts to get that job? All you can say is that you feel demotivated.

Feeling demotivated can derail your professional and personal life. It also affects your mental and physical well-being. But as with most other problems, there is a way out. You can get back to feeling motivated and hungry for success.

But before that, we will talk about the reasons you feel demotivated. After…


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